Sunday, April 13, 2008

Do you like reflectors? Do you like to eat?

I got a call from local racer Brian Engelen who is donating a bunch of these really cool reflective stickers. My roommate, Shaft, runs these on his sweet Vanilla single speed cyclocross commuter, and they're a really fun way to add a bit of safety to your nighttime rides. Thanks Brian!

We also got 3 (three) one hundred dollar ($100) gift certificates to Higgins restaurant donated to the drawing. Higgins boasts one of, if not the, most amazing beer menus in Portland. They even have Pabst! But seriously, if you've never been, this is one of the best restaurants in Portland. Great beer, great wine, great food, and great service, and Skerritt's favorite burger in the city. I'm kind of hoping I win one of these... Thanks to Jason and the whole Higgins crew!

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