Thursday, April 17, 2008

Even more prizes

The prizes for the drawings keep coming in. John Grochau of GC wines (that's Grochau Cellars) has donated a magnum. For those of you that are uninitiated in wine drinking, that's a double bottle. Look it up on wikipedia (I had to). I've never tried it, as I'm best known for clutching a bottle of Charles Shaw wrapped in a brown paper bag, but our mutual friend Corey loves his stuff, and a quick google search yields lots of great review of his stuff like this one.

Another great local business donating some goods is Courier Coffee. This small, two-man operation is getting a lot of press these days and selling at some of the better restaurants and cafes around town. Matt is a great guy (he's only the second-in-charge though, I don't know the owner Joel), they roast great coffee, and it's all delivered by bike. Cool, huh?

Finally, we're getting a Haro Nyquist BMX bike too! This is going in the "smaller" drawing, so even if you don't win a Signal or a Veloforma, you can still leave the event on two wheels! (Or four, if you rode there to begin with.)

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