Friday, April 25, 2008

We have beer!

Our neighbors just down the street, Laurelwood Brewpub, have generously donated two kegs of beer! We will proudly be serving one keg of their Golden and one of their Red.

Laurelwood beer is kind of a staple for us 'round these parts. We're there most days for happy hour, along with some days for lunch. There's nothing better than happy hour after work. You know what they're not clocked out until you've had your first sip.

Remember, the event is free to attend, and it's free to partake in the food and beverages (but we will of course accept donations). Please remember to drink responsibly, and if you are going to drink, try to ride your bike or take public transportation when you're done.

Thanks to all our friends at Laurelwood!



Raymond said...

Yet another reason to support the good folks of Laurelwood.

Caroline said...

The benefit is sounding better & better all the time!