Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Check out the amazing menu we have in store for the evening:

Les Petites Amuses

Volnkonbrot with stone-ground mustard, vegan sausage, and housemade sauerkraut.

Avocado & tempeh “tuna” maki sushi.

Crispy polenta cubes topped with sun-dried tomato-mushroom jam.

Cucumber canape with carrot-raisin raita.

Savory hazelnut-anise biscotti with apple butter & fennel salad.

Tortilla crisps with refritos, nopalitos, cucumber, and lime drizzle.

Ants on a log.

Dips & What-not

Chickpea hummus, green goddess pate, and tapenade with smoked paprika and crispies.


You wished you knew…

I've been meeting with Rebekah and Aaron, who are preparing the food for the evening, and they are really on top of their stuff.  I can't wait to eat!

In other news, Aaron's brother is also coming through with a great prize.  Jeremy owns this great little cafe in SE, on 11th and Harrison, called Cellar Door.  He roasts his own stuff, makes great 'spro, and a mean quiche.  And he's just a funny, funny dude.  He's kicking in a couple bags of coffee and a french press!  You can never have too much coffee... 

Also, we're getting a couple bags from Banjo Bros.  These are great bags for a great price, and they're an even better price if you win them!  Eric from Banjo Bros. is donating a messenger laptop bag as well as a commuter backpack.

I truly have to express how I am amazed at the amount of support that the cycling community and the community at large is giving to this event. Working on this fundraiser can be a bit draining at times, but it always makes me feel better to stop and think about how much everyone is willing to contribute.  So thanks to all the donors, thanks to everyone buying tickets, thanks to those of you stopping by to check out the site, thanks to everyone helping out with the event.  The list goes on...

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